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Joseph L. Hare  has been the Primary Instructor for the Lil' Dragon and TaeKwonDo programs in since 2020.  He is widely regarded by our students' parents for his teaching ability and rapport with his students.  Mr. Hare's accomplishments are wide-ranging and show his lifelong dedication to martial arts.

  • 1994 - 1996

    • Olympic Style TaeKwonDo Bruce's TaeKwonDo Academy in Harlingen, Tx at the age of 14

    • Earning Greenbelt and Winning multiple Olympic TaeKwonDo tournaments including the 16 year old heavyweight Texas State Championship in the Green Belt division.

  • 1996 - 2001

    • ATA TaeKwonDo at Borowitz Black Belt Academy in Harlingen, TX. Cross training in Filipino Martial Arts, Judo, and Aikido. 

    • Earing a Recommended Black Belt

  • 2017 - Present 

    • Began training at Diaz Martial Arts in San Marcos, Tx (Training with the entire family. Son Ethan Jr. Black Belt, Daughter Piper, and Wife Tracy). 

    • Having the opportunity to train with several legends in the Martial Arts community including:

      •  "Super Foot" Bill Wallace

      • Mike Lee Kanarek

      • Reno Gracie

      • Sifu Dan Inosanto

      • Sifu John Daniels

      • Master Eddie Diaz

    • Studying Multi Martial Arts styles:

      • TaeKwonDo Hangul

      • Filipino Martial Arts

      • HaganaH

      • Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

    • Modern Arnis Black Belt 1st Degree in Nov 2018

    • Began assisting in teaching the Karate Kids and TaeKwonDo programs in early 2019

    • TaeKwonDo Han Gul Black Belt 1st Degree in Jun 2019 (fulfilling a life long goal)

    • TaeKwonDo Han Gul Black Belt 2nd Degree in Mar 20th 2021

    • Kali Black Belt 1st Degree in Sept 2021


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