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Eddie Diaz Jr.

About Diaz Martial Arts in San Marcos, TX

Meet Eddie Diaz Jr.

Owner and Chief Instructor at
Diaz Martial Arts in San Marcos
6th Degree Black Belt

Master Eddie Diaz, Jr. is the owner of Diaz Martial Arts and has been training in the martial arts since 1989.

With over twenty-three years of experience Master Eddie Diaz has trained in several martial arts and is the head Master Instructor of Diaz Martial arts and was the senior consultant for United Professionals and head instructors of East West Karate in Coral Springs, FL.

In 2001, Master Diaz was invited to work at the Corporate Headquarters of Black Belt Schools International (United Professionals), a worldwide qualified consulting agency representing over 500 schools in 12 different countries. During his three year tenure at United Professionals he helped schools throughout the United States improve their Martial Arts programs and services and assisted in Instructor's College that has become the standard nationwide.

Master Diaz's ideas and methods are now being used to coach other instructors to be better communicators and motivators as well as helping them be more in tune with student needs as they vary from age group to age group.

Master Eddie Diaz has dedicated his life to the advancement of Martial Arts in his community and around the world. He has traveled throughout the United States and U.K. improving every school he comes in contact with.

Master Diaz has also made 4 instructional videos for Century Martial Arts and featured in 2 other video series produced by Century Martial Arts. Master Diego Perez “Creative Warm-Up Series" 4 Volumes and also in "Fusion" by Barry Van Over doing the Karate, Muay Thai, Filipino Martial Arts, Air Force Training & Partner Training.

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